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 F-1 Technology

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Who is a fan of F-1 ???
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PostSubject: F-1 Technology   F-1 Technology EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 2:56 pm

Heyyyy all the fans for F-1, show you up ????? I'm a great fan of F-1, i like those technical discussions over here cheers
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PostSubject: Re: F-1 Technology   F-1 Technology EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 12:19 am

I was (it went down) a fan, until that accident with Senna. I don't know if you remember that, because there is a age difference between us, but the way Senna and Prost made F1 was a spectacle.

I didn't like their way of sabotaging the match for being the winner :they where crashing in each other at the beginning of the match, so that they both went out and you all ready new who was the champion,so watching was kind of boring.

That was not the deadly crash of Senna: it was terrifying to see him straight in to the wall banging. I think I needed some F1 time out.

I do realize that they now have it much easier to drive : sometimes is it more the car that drives than themselves. The rules they made of tyres and the weight is fair and better and a good achievement for F1 to stay in the picture.

I like it how they choose the tyres they use: the warm up is pretty fun: it is like a F1 dance: swinging from left till right and than, when the safety car is gone; they go off.

The reaction skill to see them drive into the Pitt is also crazy to see: the whole team puts it up in a few seconds: that is amazing to me: from tyres switching till gas filling.

The way they choose tyres for the weather change is also remarkable: some don't change them and some do and you can notice a slide of difference of time. The weather can make the course harder and for the driver isn't it easy.

There is much more technical support with in the car: steer wheeling isn't any more difficult, but still: I can't manage to even put me in the car and make a bend like they do so: respect.

The personal technic how to overpower another car stays beautiful to watch: they are sometimes really rode fighting for a place up and going from side till side till they get the change to pass and it is always passing into small corners ( like there is place enough What a Face )

The qualification round must be stressful: try to make a fast round as soon as possible to get a pool position: they must feel the adrealine two days long and than winning, so that you get kisses from beautiful girls king

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PostSubject: technology   F-1 Technology EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 1:34 am

Oh my god, finally someone who is F-1 technical over here. Hehe. Good Lies then we are on the same wavelength cheers

I love F-1 Technology especially Aerodynamics Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: F-1 Technology   F-1 Technology Empty

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F-1 Technology
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